Saturday, June 18, 2011

Good news everyone!

Recently I transferred a bunch of my toons off of my old server, Lightning's Blade, to Frostmane where I'm now playing with a really skilled rogue who just so happens to make pvp videos.

It's always been a long term dream to make a video but I've never just gotten the motivation to sit down and make one.
Here's his youtube page

Going to be playing with him on my priest, so far we've reached 2300 in 2's but I'm waiting till we play some 3's till I post the video ^_^

Till next time
- Salsa

Monday, June 13, 2011

Lost another one...

I play mostly 70 twinks on wow nowadays, not only have I gotten tired of the endless gear grind every season/new patch, but also just the general IQ level of the high end level bracket has been on a steady decline for the last few months. The 70 bracket has somehow escaped this trend at least a little bit and seems to be mainly a gathering of people annoyed by the same things.
My warrior just got transferred to another server because they needed more skilled players for their rated BG team. I've done sunwell on this character at least 20 times in hopes of getting the 2h sword from the final boss. Ive seen this bad motherfucker 7 times now and 7 times i've had it grabbed from in front of me at the last second.
Don't care that much I guess just bugged me -.-

-Edit- Just got done playing an AB on my 70 hunter... dear god when I have a healbot I'm completely unstoppable. If only my guild let me play on my hunter isntead of my resto shaman/disc priest, I could take out those pesky frost mages always poking at us with their frostbolts.... that sounded dirty.
I'm going to be recording footage of some 2v2/3v3 arena games at the 70 bracket and posting that up here soon, i can record any of the classes at 70 so lemme know in a comment what you'd like to see first.
If anyone is interested in making a 70 twink on WoW check out, our guild's site.

- Salsa

Friday, May 20, 2011

What this is going to be.

First off, people call me sauce. I Play WoW and have played since it first started. I hate people who don't understand the basic mechanics of the game when they've been playing for a long time and despise people who think they understand their class when they play it atrociously.
Too tired to write much now but I'll follow up soon.